Casella di testo: 1 step
Prepare the bag with the supplied frame made of stainless steel 
Casella di testo: 2 step
Insert the frame into specific grooves placed on the top and at the bottom of the bag
Casella di testo: 3 step
Insert the bag inside the FROG placing the flange at the bottom using its proper slot 
Casella di testo: 4 step
Place the ball valve  on bottom and neck of the FROG-Bag into his support  to prepare the filling with Nitrogen (N3). 
N3 is heavier than air, than it take place and push out air (oxygen)!
Casella di testo: 5 step
FROG can be filled through the neck situated on the top or even through the exit. During filling the ink stays in one N3 atmosphere
Casella di testo: 6 step
As last step the bag can be empty of air by vacuum and easily and properly sealed to be delivered.
NO AIR (NO OXIGEN) will contact Ink!!!
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