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Casella di testo: FROGsystem 				&					 FROGauto
the patented ideas of IN-K NET!

The ultimate perfect system to supply the Sheet-fed Offset Printing Inks, 
FROGauto system especially is appreciated by food-packaging printers.


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FROGsystem is the best system to supply inks to offset printers, both in commercial and packaging.

The system guarantees the safety and the convenience of receiving inks always protected, under optimal conditions and without any charge of maintenance by the users.

FROGsystem are the containers are designed to printers that have installations for the dispensing of the inks in cans or directly in the duct of printing machines




FROGauto is the system developed by IN-K NET for printers who wish to have a really tidy press-room , do not want permanently installed systems and do not want to give up to reduce disposal costs.


FROGauto is the best dispensing system for the inks, without maintenance costs and nothing to be installed


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